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Search Engine Optimization Basics You Should Know

Search engine optimization is a mixture of techniques used

to boost the visibility of your site on the search engine results. The

techniques might vary from on-page SEO, off-page SEO, link building and much more.

Why Is It Important?

With clear navigation and strong architecture for your site,

search engines have an easy time indexing your site.

Site visitors will have a good experience and visit repeatedly. Search engine optimization also plays an integral role in providing organic traffic to your site from search engines.

What Are the Basics of Search Engine Optimisation?

If you’re wondering how to create the best SEO strategy for

you site, here are some of the basic considerations you should put in mind.


When an internet user queries the search engine, it will provide the most relevant answers to that query, regardless of whether it’s simple or complicated.

The search engine relies on the algorithm to determine the most relevant websites.

Quality Of the Content

Does your site publish useful and helpful articles or videos?

Is the content geared towards your site visitors rather than the search engine?

Search engines always appreciate quality content that your visitors can connect to.

For instance, Google appreciates long-form content that comprehends the intention of anyone on your site rather than content created using keywords sourced from popular

search queries

The User Experience

Your site should be easily navigated, easy to search and provide relevant content to your visitors.

Basically, when one person visits your site, they should be eager to explore further to determine what more your site can offer.

The Loading Speed

Search engines love a site that can load extremely fast. Your visitors might be in a rush to find answers to their queries and don’t have time to wait for a slow website.

Take all the metrics into consideration when it comes to the loading

speed to make sure that it loads fast enough.

Multiple Device Usage

Most internet visitors have switched from PCs and are now using mobile devices.

Therefore, your site needs to be optimized to load on both PCs and smaller screens such as tablets and smartphones. Currently,

search engines like Google prefer sites with responsive designs that can adapt to any screen being used by the user.

Internal Links

There are a few benefits to adding internal links to your site.

For instance, your site’s visitors have a few options for further reading.

On the other hand, it improves the site’s ranking for specific keywords by using anchor texts.

Finally, internal links will help the search engine to crawl and index your site accordingly.

Images Properly Tagged

If you choose to add images to your content, make sure they are properly tagged.

For instance, you should add the alt attribute.

That way, the search engines can read the text and rank the images on the SERPs.

If you’re images have proper descriptions, they are likely going to appear in the image search.

Local SEO

Search engines have started providing results to users depending on their location.

Local SEO has become especially important to local businesses looking to attract local customers.

If you’re running a local business, make sure the information available online is accurate and up to date.

Provide all the relevant information such as working hours, location, business address and business name as well as customer reviews for the best results.


An authority website is one that’s completed trusted by the users and the industry it operates in as well as other websites and the search engines.

A link coming from an authority website is unbelievably valuable. Therefore, with more links from authority websites,

your content will be of a higher quality and with time your site also becomes authoritative.

Meta Descriptions and Title Tags

There are a few benefits to adding internal links to your site.

For instance, your site’s visitors have a few options for further reading.

On the other hand, it improves the site’s ranking for specific keywords by using anchor texts.

Finally, internal links will help the search engine to crawl and index your site accordingly.

Social Media

With social media platforms becoming prevalent every day,

they play a huge role in your search engine optimization efforts.

Make sure your site is registered on all the relevant platforms and channels.

You can use social media as a customer service option and interact with people in a friendly,

entertaining, and helpful manner. Note that, you should respond to customer queries in time and post regular content for the best results.

Bad SEO Tactics You Should Avoid

Besides all the white hat SEO techniques outlined above,

there are a few black hat techniques that you should avoid. Note that, using any of the techniques outlined below will lead to your site being penalized or banned altogether.

Keyword Stuffing

Previously search engines relied on popular keywords to rank any site.

However, they have moved from that practice especially since most sites overused keywords to manipulate rankings. Note that, using too many keywords will affect the readability of your content so it’s not worth it.

Buying Links or Excessive Link Exchanges

As mentioned above, using links from authoritative sites always work perfectly.

However, using excessive links or buying links will be considered as a manipulation and the search engines will penalize your site.

Annoying Ads

You’re not entirely banned from using ads on your site, but it depends on what you’re doing.

For instance, if you’re using ads that are very intrusive, your users will not have a good experience reading the content. Additionally, these ads will slow down the loading speed of your site.

On the other hand, mobile app ads that cover the whole screen and command users to download the app immediately are frowned upon.

Duplicate Content

There are many cases of plagiarized content on the internet. Keep in mind that when the search engines come across 2 pages with the same content,

only one of those pages will be indexed, regardless of whether you have the original content.

However, you should beware of scraper sites that are fond of stealing content and passing it as their own.

Hidden Links Or Texts

An average user on your site will not notice any hidden

texts or links.

However, once the search engine algorithm finds out about it, your site will be heavily penalized.

Don’t use white text on a white background or set the font size to zero.

Additionally, you should not hide your links in

single characters such as commas or full stops.

What to Consider When Hiring Search Engine Optimization Experts

With the outlined benefits of SEO to your site and the basics required for a good strategy, it is prudent to hire an expert to handle your SEO project.

Note that, there are numerous self-proclaimed experts out there but here are useful tips to help you find the best experts for the job.

Experience and Reputation

Before hiring a SEO expert, you need to find out how long they have been in business.

SEO has been around for a long time and with new techniques coming up, an experienced SEO professional has the best knowledge to blend both old and new

techniques for the best results.

Additionally, a SEO professional with a good reputation is a guarantee of the best strategy.

Affordable SEO

Keep in mind that search engine optimization is an ongoing process.

Therefore, you should be able to afford it rather than break the bank trying to optimize your site.

On that note, you can ask for quotes from different professionals then compare each to determine the most affordable one.

Of course, your final decision should be based on whether the SEO expert provides high quality services at the most affordable prices.


As mentioned above, there are many things that go into creating a good SEO strategy.

Therefore, it’s always prudent to ask the expert beforehand what they are going to do on your site.

That way, you will determine whether they are using black or white hat techniques.

In Conclusion

there is a lot you need to know about search engine optimization.

With the right expert by your side, your site’s optimisation needs will be handled effectively.

Note that, there are many benefits to optimizing your site. First, you can enjoy more organic search engine traffic to your site.

On the other hand, it’s a good way to boost your visibility on the search engines and become an authority site.

Also, it’s a good way to get brand recognition and raise awareness of your brand.

The Advantages of Using Our SEO Services

Affordable SEO

I am passionate about search engine optimisation and passionately believe that it’s the most economical and cost-effective kind of online marketing - more so than social media or paid marketing.

Done correctly, it will increase both the quality and amount of your natural traffic.Certainly, it offers the following benefits

Quick User Friendly Websites

There is no question that user

experience is now a significant ranking factor.

Moreover, adding SEO into your site helps create quick, robust, and easy to use websites that rank higher in the Google online search engine. This in turn brings certified engagement & in turn boosts your sites conversions.

Increased Trustworthiness

Ranking extremely high in the search engine results, gives signals to searchers that you are a key player in your specific industry.

On the other hand, searchers likewise believe that the lower down you are in the natural search results page, the less trustworthy you are.

Increase in Highly Qualified Traffic

Potential customers Searching in Google for the search terms you are on the first page for are, or preparing to rank for are highly motivated and in my experience are much better qualified than any other form of advertising. Leading positions on the search engine result pages receive most clicks, so ranking highly on Google can lead to considerable traffic increases for your website.

Reduction in Cost Per Acquisition

SEO is far cheaper than advertising

to acquire clients. In fact, reliable SEO is the absolute best form of web marketing. That is to state, the only costs in SEO are the expenses to hire a SEO consultant (which is much more cost effective than using an SEO

professional firm.) \ Unless you have experience in website coding and Google algorithms, you will require a freelance SEO professional or SEO company to seek advice

from to help grow your rankings.

SEO has Enduring Advantages

SEO is an investment. It takes some time, awareness, and effort to master in advance.

Nevertheless, get it right though and the results can extend far into the future, enhancing user experience and your general online presence.

Above all, rank well and you’ll be

earning a consistent flow of traffic, prospective leads for months and years to come.

Level Playing Field

SEO allows smaller companies to compete with big business and corporations. However, it isn't always the case

where he who invests the most, wins. Simply put, employing a little imagination and savviness can provide you a benefit over your competitors even if your competitors have larger budgets.

Technical SEO Audits

SEO Strategy

We’ll examine every element of your website to determine a list of concerns and changes.

That need to be done.

We’ll then develop a search engine optimisation strategy based around our findings, to help you reach your objectives and generate those new clients.

Technical Audit

From 404 errors to duplicate content, slow website speed to tracking mistakes; we will identify and solve any issues we discover that might be detrimental to your website.which Includes-Indexation analysis, Status Codes, Redirects, Page Speed, URL Structure, Robots.txt, XML Sitemap, Canonical Tags, Duplication, Crawlability.

Mobile First Index

If you desire to prosper in the Search engines, you need a mobile-first state of mind. We will get your mobile website looking good and completely optimised by, understanding your mobile traffic check if your site is mobile friendly making sure your website is responsive, optimise your content for mobile users and make sure your site loads fast.

On Page SEO

Engaging copy, optimised metadata, internal back linking and rich anchor

text are all crucial elements to the ideal page. We will make sure your

landing pages and blog site articles, to get your clients clicking

through to your website and coming back to check out more

Content Audit

There is a lot content online– if you want yours to be heard, it’s got to serve a purpose. We will do a full audit of your present content to see what is performing well, what requirements need optimising, what needs redirecting.As your online SEO company, we’ll also bring out keyword research and develop a realistic strategy that has plenty of ideas for your audience who are actively browsing to learn more.

New Websites

Releasing a new website can be intimidating. That is why we work carefully with your web team throughout, making certain everything runs efficiently. From keyword research and producing a taxonomy, to drawing up redirects and tracking your goals, we will lay the foundations to ensure your new website is a success online.